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  • Advanced Marketing Techniques

    The most "Ninja" marketing techniques and tactics you will have ever seen online. These advanced marketing techniques and tactics will intensify your marketing efforts through highly engaging and powerful techniques.

    This is our most elite level of marketing tactics, and you'll get FREE access to them ALL in this live online workshop!

    Feb 10 2015 Periscope- Follow @GMVMarketing

  • Master Content Marketing

    In this LIVE online workshop, we will cover content marketing and building the PERFECT strategy for you and your business. Content platforms are EVERYWHERE. Blogs, Social Media, Podcast, Live Streams, Webinars... What content is right for you, and which will yield the most value for your business? We will cover all of this and MUCH more in this months live online training.

    Jan 13 2015 Periscope- Follow @GMVMarketing

  • Creating The PERFECT Sales Funnel

    In this LIVE online workshop, we will walk through our personal technique to creating high converting, massively profitable sales funnels that churn our money while you SLEEP! You'll discover applicable funnel creation tools and tactics to create your next successful sales funnel!

    Dec 9 2015 Periscope- Follow @GMVMarketing

  • Building Your Facebook Following

    In this live workshop, we will teach you the skills, tactics, and secrets we used to build an engaged audience of over one million fans on our Facebook Fanpage, as well as how we are seen by over 10,000,000 likeminded fans every single WEEK!

    Nov 11 2015 Periscope- Follow @GMVMarketing

  • Selling With Video

    Selling on video is an ART form that will lead to higher conversions and profitability IF done right. In this live personal workshop, we will walk you through the key tactics to sell on video. This includes engagement, building rapport, making the sell, showing trust, and even special "NLP" tactics for results.

    Oct 14 2015 Periscope- Follow @GMVMarketing

  • YouTube Ads Alchemy Workshop

    YouTube Ads are the new "Thing" in Digital Marketing. BUT the problem is nobody truly knows how to use them! In this 100% FREE Live Online Workshop, Adam and Rock will walk you through their "YouTube Alchemy" system, and show you the exact blueprint to implement to have success with your YouTube Advertising campaigns!

    Sept 9 2015 Periscope- Follow @GMVMarketing

Adam Linkenauger

Owner and Founder

Alias: Boss Man

A majestic wizard of digital marketing.
Adam has successfully created multiple 6 and 7 figure businesses in different markets.
A former athlete, Adam believes in hard work, kicking ass, and taking names in the business realm.

Rock Ullah


Alias: Coach Rock

Rock has established himself as an elite copywriter selling over seven figures in the basketball training niche, a lead generating KING, and paid traffic GOO-ROO, all while being the face of I Love Basketball, the world’s largest online basketball training brand.

Jaime Garza

Head of Video and Production

Alias: J-Me’ Dotty; Jdot; Tommy Clout

Favorite Rapper: Gucci Mane

Ranked the best videographer and editor in the world by Adam and Rock. Jaime has turned his efforts from shooting rap videos to creating marketing “Heat”. Enjoy the show!

Michaela Parris

Vice President of Marketing

Alias: New Girl

Michaela has quickly rose in the ranks to becoming a Get More Views Star marketer, with a name you can’t pronounce, and a level of clumsiness that is impressive to say the least, Michaela, despite being the youngest of the group, brings a wealth of brains and maturity that the core GMV clan was lacking to begin with.

Micah Fraim

Majestic Wizard of Taxy What-has-its

Alias: Tax Guy

Micah Fraim’s business acumen is almost as impressive as the translucence of his skin. He is the go-to source for all financial or tax related information. He can also recite the majority of pre-2002 R&B and rap lyrics – which is of course integral to his CPA practice.

Shanice Ullah

Customer Happiness Specialist

Alias: Strizzy

While being the Vice President of our Freak Athletic Basketball Training Business (The largest online basketball training company in the world) Shanice finds time to keep all of our wonderful customers happy assisting in any help they need.

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