Are You Running From Your Problems?

I once had a friend named Jeremy…

Jeremy was the type of person that was always running from his problems instead of trying to solve them.

So guess what Jeremy did…

He left and isolated himself from the world…

He figured that he was going to live isolated in peace for the rest of his life.

He thought he had finally escaped his problems.

About a year or two later, Jeremy returned and said that he couldn’t stay isolated any longer.

He said he was going crazy because he didn’t have anyone to talk to or spend time with.

You see — not only did he isolate himself from his problems but he also isolated himself from the challenges of living and the opportunities for growth.

We have no reason for existence except the NEED for growth

If we block that NEED then life becomes meaningless.

We all know of a “Jeremy.”

Some of us might even be Jeremy.

Just always remember one thing…

When you arrive at a problem, realize that it is an opportunity for growth.

Running away may seem like the easy way out…

But in doing so, you will stunt your growth and you could possibly drive yourself crazy.

I posted something similar to this on my Facebook and somebody left an amazing comment to go along with it…

That person said,

“Here’s what I read: It’s been said that buffaloes have this weird…tendency we’ll say.

When bad weather approaches their vicinity, the buffalo doesn’t run AWAY from it. The buffalo runs TOWARD it.”

The takeaway from this is it’s better to run into the storm and weather it rather than run away and seek shelter.

When it comes to pain and the problems that you deal with, be like a buffalo.

Weather the storm and solve it in the best way possible.

Always Remember…

You are a creator of problems and solutions.

You have to get rid of the thinking that is constantly tying you back to the level of life that you want to escape from.

If you want to dislike people, you can dislike them but you will never grow higher in your understanding.

If you want to blame others for your misfortunes, you can do that but your growth will not develop.

Sometimes it’s best to sit quietly, or even go for a spirit stroll, and put your mind to work.

Really think about a problem.

Many times you will find that the origin of that problem came about because of something you did, and can only be solved by something you do.

Attack those problems with vengeance.

I know it may seem like the hard thing to do right now but your mind, heart and health will thank you in the long run.

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