Step #1: Build Your Tribe Of Loyal Followers With Bracelets & Charms
Let me show you how explosive this strategy on YouTube can be when you follow it.

Step by step, I’ll show you how you can turn a small YouTube channel into over $420,000 a year... by working less than 3 hours a day!

Yes, this strategy requires a bit of work when getting started...

But once you get going it’s as easy as pressing the record button on your smartphone and it will work for years to come.

All right, here we go...

The first step is to build a loyal tribe of followers.

Because YouTube is a search engine like I mentioned earlier, it is one of the best platforms to use to grow your tribe.

That's because you can use it to find the problems your market is searching for right now.

If you go to the YouTube Search Bar right now and type in a problem that you provide the solution to... 

It will auto populate with all of the problems your ideal customers are actively searching.

Here’s an example…

Let’s say you're a dog trainer, then you would search for what dog owners need help with.
I call this the Bracelet & Charm method.

The main problem keyword “How To Train Your Dog” is the Bracelet keyword and the sub problem keywords like “How To Train Your Dog TO SIT are the Charm keywords.

Next, create short 5-7 minute videos a few times a week on those Charm keywords... giving a few tips or tricks to help your ideal customers solve these problems.

This allows you to build a sincere relationship with your prospects, become their hero before you ever make them any type of offer, and earn their trust.

They then start to assume that you have the answers to all of their problems.

You don’t need a large channel to do this…

In fact, I only have 363 subscribers on the channel that I use to generate over $35,000 dollars a month of passive income.

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