Our Team

Before I get into the WHO we are, let me start by telling you WHY you should listen to us…

We are the guys that industry leaders come to when they want to learn more about growing large presences and building successful businesses through social media.

We’ve helped/still helping guys like Ryan Deiss & Digitial Marketer, Grant Cardone, Kevin NationsEvan Carmichael, Brian Moran, Ryan Stewman, Jason Hornung, Joel Erway, Vince Delmonte, and Wilson Brand,  just to name a few…

As you can see, the best of the best.

I don’t say any of this to brag, but instead I say it so that you know you are learning from guys that actually do this.

We’ve been in the trenches.

After using these strategies to grow our own business to over 1.3 million subscribers and 7 figures in sales, we’ve also used them to help others grow theirs as well.

If you are willing to listen to us and put in the work then I am 100% certain you will experience amazing success through our philosophies and strategic methods.

But without further ado, let me get into the WHO.

Hi, My Name is Rocky Ullah

I’m the co-founder of Get More Views.

I got started in this online game back in 2012 when I created my first business (I Love Basketball) with my business partner Adam Linkenauger (you’ll hear from him in a second).

The first two years online were difficult, humbling, and exciting. I didn’t know what the hell I was doing but we ended up making it work.

Fast forward to now and we own one of the largest basketball training companies in the world, and have amassed over 1 million subscribers on YouTube.

We created Get More Views to help businesses, like yours, grow on YouTube and utilize it to make a 6 or 7 figure income.

Rocky Ullah speaking at YouTube Headquarters

Adam Linkenauger

Rocky and are I like Batman and Robin…

Very rarely will you see one of us without the other.


As you know, my name is Adam…

I’m the creator of multiple six and seven figure businesses and premium marketing and authority consultant to multiple industry leaders.

My specialty is building large, passionate communities around businesses and/or influencers to create market celebrities.

As Rocky mentioned, we have built our basketball training company, I Love Basketball, into the world leader in the basketball space, receiving over a billion views a year on social media and helping millions of players worldwide.

We’ve also created a content creation and publishing agency (Authority Online), consulting company, and have partnered with numerous businesses in all different industries.

Now our goal is to help other businesses and brands do the same thing for themselves.

That’s why Rocky and I created Get More Views.

Adam Linkenauger (left) and Rocky Ullah (right) on stage speaking at Digital Marketer’s Traffic and Conversion Summit

Before you go…

We want to leave you with some kind words from our clients: