It's TIME To Build Your YouTube Channel.

You’ve been thinking about it. You know how valuable a YouTube Channel could be for your personal brand and/or business.  

You have the desire to help people and want to make a difference with your knowledge and experience.

Introducing The LIVE YouTube Growth Cohort #1

An 8 Week LIVE Training Program with Adam Linkenauger and the team at GetMoreViews.  

Adam and his team have helped 1000s of entrepreneurs, experts, and coaches build their YouTube channels and businesses. 

With numerous success stories of clients reaching 100,000 to even 1,000,000+ subscribers! 

In fact, the YouTube Growth System you’ll master is undefeated when trusted and implemented patiently. 

You’re guaranteed to see incredible growth, build a passionate audience, and generate endless leads and sales for your business. 

How Does It Work?

For 8 Weeks, You’ll have TWO live classes a week. This allows you some flexibility to try and make one of our two weekly times, but don’t worry if you can’t. We’ll record them for you! 

Each week, you and the other Cohort attendees will build your YouTube channel, content strategy and plan, growth systems, automation, monetization, repurposing and so much more! 

Live classes will cover in detail your weekly YouTube Growth training, which will also be detailed in the video training system online video course that is included in the program. 

This training gives you access to the training, full curriculum, action plans, tools, tricks, and more.

So not only will you have a full, up to date, training system with beautiful and easy-to-follow step-by-step video training, templates, tools, and more…

But we’ll go LIVE together up to twice a week to teach each lesson in detail, customize to your needs, and give you the personal attention that you should expect!

You will also get a personal coach that is available to you 24-7, who will be there every step of the way to answer your questions, review your work, and make sure you not only are putting out your best content but also fully understanding the GetMoreViews system and strategy! 

Lastly, and my favorite part…

You’ll get access to our Private online Community where you can interact with students and instructors, talk YouTube, support, ideate, and share strategies with one another. In this group, we’ll drop daily content, deeper level training, answer questions, and so much more!

Program Curriculum

WEEK 1: Getting Started, Brand, Content, and Channel Planning

WEEK 2: The 3 YouTube Algorithms and How To Beat Them

WEEK 3: Bracelet & Charms Strategy + Family Feud Method (Content Planning)

WEEK 4: YouTube Content Creation / Videography / Lighting / Video Editing

WEEK 5: Building Your Video Content Machine / Automation, Outsourcing, & Systems

WEEK 6: The Growth System (SEO, Piggybacking, Channel Growth Hacking)

WEEK 7: Channel Monetization, Lead Generation, and YouTube Growth Funnels

WEEK 8: Repurposing Mastery & Automation (Omnipresent Marketing on Automation)

& So Much More…

The Live YouTube Growth Cohort Begins June 1, 2023!

A Message From Adam:

I look forward to my team and I working with you to build the YouTube Channel you want and know you’re fully capable of. 

This will be one of, if not THE  best investment of your life and business if you trust the process, our proven system, and put in the work!

If you’re a solopreneur who wants to do it ALL, be ready to spend 8 hours a week on the training, and then, roughly 4 hours a week on your YouTube channel.

But if you have the means, we’ll show you how to limit your time and effort to as little as 4 hours a MONTH using affordable outsourcing which will drastically increase your quality and channel growth!

We hope you’re excited about this opportunity and becoming an industry leader in your space. 

Let’s do this! 

– Adam 

Are You Ready To Have An Industry Leading YouTube Channel?


Cost Typically $5,000

But For Cohort 1 – You’re Getting a 50% OFF Program Founder’s Discount taking us to $2500!