These Weekly *ALERTS* Can Change Your Business
The Closest Thing To "Insider Trading" For Your Online Business, That Won't Land You In The Pen For 10-15 Years After You BANK On It
Imagine having the CEOs of 9 multi-six and multi-seven figure online businesses send you a personal email every week... 

Showing you exactly what's working in their businesses with step by step instructions showing you how to add rare, timely, money making strategies and hacks to YOUR business...

Insider information that can turn ANY online business into a massive success.

By success, we mean having the ability to live life on your terms.

You're just minutes away from this becoming your reality.

All you have to do is become a member of ALERTS.

But before we tell you exactly what all is in it for you when you join... 

First, let us explain how ALERTS works and how it's different from anything you've ever seen in the online marketing space.

You see, unlike most training courses that go months or even YEARS without updating, our ALERTS are the complete opposite.

Once a member, you’re notified with exactly WHAT is working NOW and how to implement it into your own business.

This could be—but is not limited to—Traffic, Social Media, Lead Generation, Email Marketing, Copywriting, Persuasion, Sales, and much, MUCH more!  

You’ll join a private group where we send all our traffic, marketing, persuasion/sales techniques as we do them.

So literally IN THE MOMENT what’s working… how we set it up… the results… everything.

For example, in one of the first lessons, you’ll discover the most POWERFUL sales strategy we’ve ever seen that adds nearly $70K/month to my bank account…
Here's How ALERTS Work
We create and send out an ALERT lesson to members whenever we come across something that can level up your business.

This could be a tactical change to the time/amount of posts we do... 

A tool change, like installing a Facebook bot...

Or a strategic change like sending our traffic to a specific Lead Gen page because it converts better.

So not only will you get access to our personal content plan and techniques that work better than anyone else's we’ve seen on social media (except Buzzfeed, they crush it)…

But also the exact framework, tactics, and adjustments we use to generate over 1 million leads a year across our 9 businesses.  

All of which are multiple six to multiple seven figure businesses.  

Two of which being world leaders in their space. (I Love Basketball and Ultimate Baseball Training).  

We've made ground breaking finds across each of our nine businesses.  From Marketing Education, to a Video Agency, to Yoga, Spanish, Sports, Fitness, Tangible and Non-tangible.  

You name it, not only have we done it... 

We're DOING IT!  
And for the first time ever, our findings are now yours. Every single week. 
(How effective are some of these strategies? Well, in just one of our very own online businesses we’ve amassed over 1.5 million subscribers on YouTube, 2 million fans on Facebook, 250K followers on Instagram and over 7 figures in sales.)

And you’ll get access to ON THE SPOT adjustments and adaptations before everyone else…

You will get access to training videos (i.e. mental frameworks, growth hacks, and actual blueprints).

And as time goes on, we will continue to find ways to provide even more value.

Along with the weekly updates, each month we'll send out a monthly roundup that will link you to all of our current traffic generating and money making strategies.

These [Alerts] Will:
  • Give you in the moment, algorithm approved social media traffic hacks, taught to us directly, by VIP partners of ours at YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram. 
  •  Weekly copywriting templates, tips, and training from real sales pages, social media, and email copy we send to our business lists of a combined million email subscribers.
  •  Conversion, sales, and persuasion hacks and scripts that have a proven and current track record.
  •  You'll get instant speed and clarity because each Alert you receive comes with a complete implementation video to walk you through how to install any tactic we share. 
  •  Monthly 90 minute LIVE Implementation Workshops, where we install our best tactics of the month with you personally, customizing everything to match your business seamlessly.
This Is Why We Created ALERTS
The business and marketing education system is broken.  

The idea of packaging what works today into an ebook or online course that will be sold for months (in some cases, years) in the future, is ruining online businesses today.  

The internet moves too fast, and there are too many intangibles that simply put, can't be documented and packaged and sold for months or years at a time.  

We find that we change our marketing, social media and business strategy on a MONTHLY, and sometimes, weekly, basis.  

We had to create a system that would cut the delivery time of "in the moment" information from weeks or months, to literally minutes.  

After building three of our own businesses into seven figure businesses, we’ve made it our goal to help more people do the same.

With the unique ability to implement across 9 different markets, millions of followers, and hundreds of thousands of fresh leads coming in and out of our marketing campaigns... 

We can test theory and hypothesis at a rate that is market leading and deliver the results to you moments after. 

In the past few years we’ve partnered with business owners in nearly all markets imaginable:
  •  Digital marketing
  •  Education
  •  Yoga
  •  Baseball
  •  Basketball
  •  Golf
  •  Soccer
  •  Tennis
  •  Fitness
  •  Dating
  •  Consulting
To name a few...

The results they've seen have been amazing too.

But don't just take our word for it...

Look what Sarah Redfield, Owner of Sarabeth Yoga had to say:
"We learned, we implemented, and we made some tiny adjustments that had HUGE results!"
What Sarah said is key…

Results don’t just happen by becoming a member and receiving the alerts.

They come through learning, implementing and making tiny adjustments.

When you become a member and do exactly that then you get to reap the rewards.

Let us refer back to what Sarah said:

"We saw massive results within ~6 weeks and my husband was able to leave his 9-5 to work for my business instead. We work 10-30 hours/week and we're STILL seeing incredible results and growth."

If this resonates with you then we hope you'll decide to join us today.

Overall, ALERTS has been as beneficial for us as it’s been for our clients.

It’s allowed us the opportunity to analyze more of what is and isn’t working in our businesses so that we can better serve our clients. 

Friendships and business partnerships have evolved from these alerts.

We're connected with new people, several who we believe will become lifelong friends.

And we’ve seen people experience some amazing growth, which is an incredible feeling.

It’s also served as a great place for members to learn from us, getting to know us better and invest more money in our coaching services.

We welcome you to become a part of ALERTS.

However, if this isn’t your cup of tea, that is fine too.
Yours For Less Than A Quarter A Day
How much does ALERTS cost?

Good question.

Firstly, we don’t see ALERTS as a “cost” (an expense on your P&L).

That’s not what it is.

It’s an INVESTMENT, pure and simple.

In yourself.

Your business.

It’s about EXPECTING to earn back multiples when you consistently show up and do the important work. And we’re here to help you every step of the way.

We charge just $77 per year (recurring).

That means less than a quarter a day.

We charge yearly because for what we teach to work it requires a long term commitment (on a daily basis).

Building a successful business that lasts a long time and supports your freedom, requires hard work and guts…

It takes time and commitment.

We’re playing the long game…

Not only that but we believe in proving our value month after month, year after year.

Now we know you're probably wondering why so cheap? Since the majority of our trainings cost upwards of $2,000 and our live events $5,000+...

And that's a very fair question. 

The truth is, the online business and marketing education is... ummm, screwed up.  

Fake guru's have plagued the space, trading lies, money, and fabrication for truth.  

It's simply hard to determine who's real and who's fake.  

It "sadly" takes a leap of faith and a gut instinct to determine who to invest in nowadays. 

Sadly, these gurus prices typically start at $2,000+ dollars and you are left disappointed not only in the results... 

But also in yourself for making a poor decision to trust yet another "guru" on the internet. 

Call us innovative or just damn crazy but we like to earn our client's trust before we ask for a heavy commitment. 

And simply put...

We like to lead with a HELL of a lot of value in a space where most gurus give little to nothing for under $2,000.

We want to out perform their best offer with our business' entry point. 

So call it us drawing a line in the sand against the fake gurus.  

We hope to FORCE the entire market to compete with us at delivering the value we deliver, at our price point.  

Good luck.  

We hope that you'll get so much value from these alerts that it will be an absolute no-brainer for you to invest more in the future with our courses and live events.

To be transparent, we don't make money with the ALERTS training. 

We make money (great money) from clients who invest in us AFTER ALERTS changes their business, and in some cases, their lives... 

And they want to continue to level up. 

ALERTS is a way for us to prove our value, without having to break your bank account... 

But enough to make it worth it for us to take the time to give away this information.
Money-Back Guarantee 
(Cancellation & Fair Refund Policy)
Cancellation Policy:

Firstly, because this is a yearly recurring membership, you can cancel at ANY time no questions asked, simply drop us a note here. 

Fair Refund Policy:

FAIR WARNING (only affects a small minority): Please don’t join just because you are curious what’s behind the curtain, with the intention to refund anyway.

When you join we expect you to learn and implement what we teach. 

Don't join unless you plan on doing that.

That said, if ALERTS is genuinely not for you then we don't want your money.

In fact, if you see a one alert that doesn’t add at least $77 in value... just one, we will give you a full refund of your money.

Simply drop us a note anytime within sixty days of your purchase, and we'll give you a full refund of your entire $77 purchase.

Remember… this doesn’t change the fact that YOU CAN cancel at anytime. 

Cancelling and refunding are NOT the same thing.
Here's How To Get Started
If you're ready to jump in and get started simply click the button below...

That will take you to our secure order form where you'll go to finish your order.
If you have any questions, let us know (or hit reply on any email we've sent you). We're here to support you.
—Adam & Rocky (Owners of Getmoreviews)
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