YouTube Cards: How To Double Your Leads and Sales From YouTube With One Simple Tweak

Ok — this is big…

If you aren’t marketing on YouTube… it’s time for you to take another look.

And… if you’re already on YouTube you need to know about this.

But first, let me explain the problem.

YouTube Marketing The Old Way

Ok, it’s not old school yet. In fact, most people don’t know about this new feature I’m going to share with you today.

Here’s the thing…

60% of video views on the YouTube platform are mobile.

This is a BIG problem for those of us generating leads and sales from YouTube.

Here’s why…

The old way to get clicks from YouTube was to add something called an ANNOTATION to your video. An Annotation is just a call-to-action box that lays over the top of the video.

These annotations were discontinued by YouTube on May 2, 2017.

YouTube Marketing… The New School Way

Enter YouTube Cards.

YouTube cards were a huge development because it allows you to send traffic from mobile YouTube videos to your website…

… and the majority of YouTube’s traffic now is from mobile user.

Take a look at some of our analytics:

This means that by simply installing the YouTube Cards to your videos, you can essentially TRIPLE your traffic, leads, and sales from YouTube.

These features have had a MASSIVE effect on our channel ILoveBasketballTv, as 69% (including tablet) of the views are from mobile (found in your YouTube analytics dashboard) it has helped us double our business.

What Do They Look Like?

Here’s an example with the new card applied:

And we helped Digital Marketer start using YouTube Cards on their videos as you can see below:

YouTube Cards inform viewers about:

  • Other videos on your channel
  • Merchandise
  • Playlists
  • Websites
  • Fundraising

So, what do you need to know?

  • They’re installed on a per video basis (you’ll have to add them to each individual video).
  • You provide the destination URL, customized image, title, and call-to-action text.
  • They’re rendered on desktop and mobile devices
  • You can edit them at any time.

5 Types Of YouTube Cards:

1.) Video or playlist card: links to any other public YouTube video or playlist which can be of interest to the viewer of the current video.

2.) Channel: links to other people’s channels. This is best for when collaborating with other creators.

3.) Donation: here you can feature a non-profit of your choice.

4.) Poll: this card lets your fans vote on certain topics.

5.) Link: link directly to your associated website from a card. This is by far the most important one for an online business and I am going to show you how to set them up for your channel.

So, how do I set up the new YouTube Cards?

Sign into to your YouTube Video Manager, and click on ‘Edit’ for the video you want to add a Card to.

Click on the ‘Cards’ button in the top navigation bar, click ‘Add Card’

Click on “Link” card to open up the creation window for the Card type you want to add. Enter a valid URL applicable to that Card type

Enter a valid URL applicable to that Card type.

Now proceed to edit your card.

Your Cards are now ready to start generating leads and sales from mobile!

What YouTube Cards Look Like

We recommend you send viewers to a squeeze page that is congruent with the Card so that you can collect their email address.


Now you’re ready to start generating traffic to from MOBILE to your website or landing page from YouTube.

If you already have a channel implement these cards TODAY.

If you don’t have a YouTube channel… what are you waiting for?

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