The YouTube Money Map
The secret strategy that we used to build a YouTube channel of over one million subscribers and generate 500,000 FREE leads to our email list that we used to fuel our a multi-million dollar online business.

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In the next few pages I’m going to make a clear case for why you NEED to be using YouTube to build your brand and business.

I’m going to approach this like a lawyer and you’ll be a member of the jury.
I’ll provide you with all the evidence and proof that you’ll need…

So that at the end of this, you can make a rational decision on if you should be using YouTube for your business.

Not only will I be revealing how to get more views and subscribers…

But I’ll also show you how to turn those views and subscribers into leads and SALES.

My goal is to set you on the path to $100K/year online by using just YouTube.

That way you can add it to your current business strategy…

… or if you’re just getting started then it can be your primary strategy.

Either way, it will prove to be beneficial.

Did I mention this will be FREE?

Yes, it will cost you nothing. Not a penny.

You won’t have to spend any money on traffic.

What I’m talking about today is a complete organic (free) traffic strategy.

But there is some bad news that I have to be upfront with you about…

This is NOT some magic pill or get-rich-quick scheme.

As I mentioned on the last page, YouTube takes time and effort just like any content marketing strategy.

It doesn’t happen overnight.

But that time and effort you put in will be well worth it.

Neil Patel gets millions of visitors to his website each month through content marketing…

On his podcast, Russell Brunson said Neil Patel advised him to post content everyday for an entire year, expecting nothing to happen.

Then after that year, amazing results come.

I can assure you of two things…

#1 – My strategy won’t require you to post content 365 days in a row, not nearly that…

#2 – If you stick with me and follow everything I say then you’ll get amazing results much sooner than 365 days.

I predict that you’ll see them within the first 90 days.

You’ll start to get more views, subscribers, leads and sales.

There is nothing healthier for your business than making the cash register ring (especially if the leads are FREE)!

How can I make such a bold prediction?

Well, we’ve helped many clients achieve those exact results.

Take a look at the statistics from some of the businesses that we’ve helped (I’ve used the red arrows on the graphs to demonstrate when we started working with them):
As you can see, results can happen much faster than you think.

These clients were shocked at how fast they saw massive increases in their views and subscribers.

It doesn’t matter if you’re starting from scratch (like the channels from the second and third graphs)…

… or if you’ve already experienced mild success (like the channel from the first graph)…

Once you install our strategies, you WILL see significant results… much faster than you think.

Even though YouTube is a long-term strategy that doesn’t mean there aren’t opportunities to see fast results.

And here’s the thing…

Not only are these guys crushing it on YouTube…

But they’re are all generating 6 or 7 figures a year straight from YouTube organic traffic.

I’m excited to reveal how we do it so that you can start implementing immediately.

I do want to warn you…

Reading this once, won’t suffice.

You may want to bookmark this page.

Just saying.


Let’s get started.
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